Dear Sir,

We Easy Software BD have come to know that your esteemed organization wants to procure Software to manage your business more efficiently by automating different aspects of your business. We are very much eager and capable of designing and developing the a fore mentioned software according to your unique requirement which will satisfy all your management need. Easy Software BD is one of the top Software in Bangladesh and we specialize in developing all types of software(online/ offline), Websites, Data Management Software. If we can serve your renowned organization we will feel privileged.


>> In the following section you will find detailed information about The Software.

Technology for Development :

>> Language                            : PHP, HTML, CSS, Code igniter Framework.

>> Database                             : MySQL Service

>> Software Editor                    : Note Pad+

>> Software Type                     : Online Based Software.

>> Security Type                      : Strong

Features & Pricing of the Software :

Application Development :

  •     Sales Entry
  •     Purchase Return Entry
  •     Supplier Information
  •     Stoke View With Value
  •     Sale Record
  •     Purchase Record
  •     Product Entry
  •     Product Database Entry
  •     Customer Database Entry
  •     Cash Information
  •     Cash Collection Entry
  •     Expanses Entry
  •     Customer Due Collection
  •     Supplier Due Payment
  •     Other Data Entry more then 50 item

Reporting Development :

  •     Sales all Report
  •     Purchase all Report

  •     Current Stock Report
  •     Daily Cash Report
  •     Balance Sheet
  •     Expense Report
  •     Other s Income Report
  •     Account Ledger Report
  •     Loan Ledger Report
  •     Profit Report
  •     Customer & Supplier Ledger, Due, Payment with
  •     Other more then 30 item Report.

Support & Access :

1. Support                        : Phone Support  = Free

                                        : Online Support   = Free

                                        : Sport Support     = Depends of requirements.

2. Free Training Period   : 15 days only for Mobile.

3. Additional Training       : Depends of Client.

Payment Structure:

1. Advance Payment with Work order.           = 50%
2. After Submitting the Software/Project        = 50%

Project Timeline:

After getting all the details information, advance payment, guideline & requirement, we will take at least 10 working days to show your software and them for some other customization & amendment it will take another 5 days. In total we take 15 working days to hand over the project.

You will find more information about Easy Software BD

If you have any question or concern, feel free to contact us- 01647-700001-5


Md Shahinur Rahaman

Head of Marketing

Easy Software BD